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What is stand up?

At times, the political process can be frustrating and overwhelming. Stand Up was created to help you enact meaningful change by facilitating organization and coordination with politically like-minded individuals. Stand Up enables the effective use of your First Amendment rights by helping you connect with others who share your political views, and facilitating coordination on things like organizing protests and calling representatives. 


We provide users with a toolbox to participate in the political process. 


what is the toolbox comprised of?

1. Complete Call to actions

2. Finding events nearby

3. Discussions on concerning issues


action items

The Stand Up For Change team has partnered with multiple organizations to provide users with Call-To-Actions that combat issues. By clicking on a current issue, users can see live actions items including: 


1. Calling, Emailing, Tweeting

2. Donating to organizations

3. Creating and attending Events

4. Sharing current events and action items




find Events nearby

There is strength in numbers. Stand Up For Change conveniently displays all events (protests, demonstrations, meetings) near you to bring together large numbers of concerned citizens.


If you are an organization looking to utilize Stand Up, please contact us.




View discussions and updates 

Stand Up For Change will provide users with an easy-to-use messaging board so that everyone can stay on the same page. Interact with other members attending the protest, or view updates by the protest organizer. 


Want to get a hashtag trending or need a question answered or suggestions on sign creation? This will be your place to go.





Engage in meaningful dialogue 

Stand Up For Change provides you with discussion boards to engage in meaningful dialogue about current issues that are affecting Americans. This will be a space for our users to bounce ideas off of one another and discuss different topics as they become relevant. 


find officials & track progress 

Stand Up For Change easily displays your elected officials and allows you to quickly call them or visit their websites when you tap on their names. Calling is powerful, especially if thousands of people are calling every day.


We also track your Action Score and past activities within the app to see how much change you're enacting. 


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